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Losing trust

I once confessed my feelings to a friend. He said he only complemented me because I was always insecure and treated me different because he felt bad. In other words the moments in which I thought were special were moments of charity work for him. :)

that led me to believe that no one would ever truly like me. And instead of healing from someone that messed me up, I hurt someone else as well. I wish I never got myself in that friendship to begin with. I would’ve probably never had the intention to make someone hurt the same way I was hurt by someone else. Since then I have felt terrible and now I still feel like people just want to play with me. But now in this current time I have come to the realization that some people are just seasonal in your life for you to understand and grow. I’m as confident as ever, i don’t need a relationship to feel loved or feel worthy. I already found myself worth. Instead a relationship for me would be an addition a bonus to my life. Lastly I would like to say, that he hurt me and still acts like nothing happened between us like sorry boo but now that i had a glow up you want me ? No think so:)