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Lost and Found

Hi Future Me,

I know you are troubled, have many thoughts, fighting a lot obstacles in mind, you wish if someone could give you that tight hug when you needed. Don't worry even this shall pass. Everything will be fine, much better.

I know, you don't want to marry. You want to live your life single. You are heading on thag way my dear, its happening just the way you want,in much better way. You dont have to fight for it. Circumstances aee going to be that your wedding and marriage will be called off.

No one is going to bother you thereafter. You are a free bird and always will be free bird.

I know your parents expect you to marry this guy they have found for you. You have cried days and months, fighting with yourself, questioning your mind why are you doing this. You think about your parents happiness and hence you took this decision. You are a good girl and hence you made this decision.

But you feel you are making this mistake of marrying a guy whom you don't like. I know, you are not even able to strike a conversation. I know how it feels like, your parents have given you a boat and you are asked to do boating even if you dont want to go or even like it.

You feel marrying this guy will just put his life also in a mess.

Well, certainly you made it clear in early days that you are not Interested. But the guy didnt seem to understand at all.

But you know what, life has bigger plans for you. You are going achieve bigger things in life. You are going to be so strong mentally and physically that no one ever can question you.

You are a STRONG Person and these circumstances are making you stronger than ever.

Right now, you just have to concentrate on what YOU want and how you want to FEEL.

Just breathe and let it go. Things are falling in place exactly the way you want.

Yours most trustworthy friend,