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TW // self harm, starvation, calories, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------- so, i kinda want to vent, I think of my self harm scars everyday, they just make me look ugly, So to make up for that ive been sleeping in so i don't have to eat food, and i work out when i'm awake. I want to be skinny and pretty. I'm 89 pounds, I'm a fucking mammoth. I'm litteraly 11, I'm over weight, I need to loose pounds that is too overweight. All i can think about is "How can i skip out on dinner today??" Ive been taking advantage of the fact that my family has a stomach bug for he last 3 days, but its starting to go away. and now im just stuck. trying to count how many calories are in a brussel sprout. Well, damn. I would have never imagined that i would end up like this, overweight, ugly, barley have any friends. I'm lost, in a sea of my deepest fears. and i cannot swim out.

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