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Lost girl/boy

I'm a girl and want to be a boy but also be with a boy. It is pretty messed up and sometimes hard to explain but only confessed this to an old friend on internet. They took it nicely but I never will be able to confess this to my family. I'm going to hide to my whole life and will try everything to not get married because I don't want to mess someone's life. I won't be ideal good wife because I'm not a girl by heart. My sexual desires aren't like other girls. It is somehow alike because me and other girls like boys but I want to be with them and have gay sex and gay relationship. I'm very up for a polymory with two guys. Damn! I never thought I'd type something like this hahaha.... Good night beautiful people

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Re: Lost girl/boy

It may seem impossible or uncomfortable or really far out of reach, but you are strong enough to be yourself. Don't lie to yourself and say you'll never have the courage to tell anyone how you feel, because you do, we all do. You have to find it through baby steps. And I don't wanna seem aggressive or pressure you into being too uncomfortable but I believe you can do it. You can start with small steps like researching to know how you want to identify or if you want to identify as anything. Or like truly admitting to yourself how you feel. Maybe keeping a journal taking note of things. Then maybe talking to LGBTQ+ members just getting to know the community or discussing topics with your family. It doesn't have to be as hard as it feels, because you can get yourself there. Eventually you may even be able to talk to your friends about wanting to be a gay male. And if they are truly you're friends (and if you believe them to be now) they will love you and stick with you through your life as a gay male.

Good luck and I hope you stay safe,

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