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Lost of trust

It has been a long time coming with my relationship with my parents. I was always the golden child. The good kid. The one they didn't need to worry about. When I turned 16 and they found out I got drunk with my friends, everything changed. The trust I had built up for those 16 years was completely gone. The months following, I built that trust back up. Doing well in school, taking ACTs, and later applying to colleges. Then, when I turned 17, it seemed as if I was back in square one. They caught me drinking again, vaping, smoking, throwing parties, sneaking out, having a fake, and the biggest thing of all; lying. I really checked all the boxes for being a complete idiot. So here I am, wiping my tears, caught again. They don't trust me to go to college. They don't trust anything I say. They don't trust me. I feel empty and numb. I am at such a loss on what to do. I don't even know how to talk to them because saying "I'm sorry" is nowhere near enough. Can anyone help?