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Lots of depression

I am 31 years old, My dad gone 8 years ago, i have two elder sister one is still batchelor (age36) and small one is divorce (age 33). I am not financially good, thats why sometimes i feel like i have to finish my self but i am worried about my mother, i am not enough rich to fullfill my mother and sisters some need, but they didn't tell me about there wish.... So i feel i am not good son and brother so i sometimes in my mind to hang self.... Is there any way to get rid of this depration

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Re: Lots of depression

I know how it feels to bear all the responsibilities..it's hard but think about your beautiful family..and never think that you are a bad son..take it as a mission, to help bring your family to stable position..try to work hard to provide for your family..I know you can do this..it's not gonna be easy it might even take a year or two..but never give up..make god your friend..talk to him every night before sleeping..and every morning wake up feeling grateful..try to feed the homeless and those who have abandoned by their families that way you'll know the importance of keeping your family happy and how much you are gonna work for that..life is gonna keep testing you.. sometimes you'll lose but never think that's the end..and god really has a great plan for you..I can feel that..give your best..