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Sometimes I wonder is it wrong to love someone truly? I have seen cheaters being treated so well.. Whereas the person whom I made my whole world, ended up leaving me... It hurts like hell.. I could literally feel a pain in my chest.. He is first love, my everything... All the festivals seem meaningless now... I believe in God but sometimes I'm doubtful about His existence... If he really exists can't he hear my prayers? Doesn't he understand that I need my love... I have never hurt anyone intentionally still I've got nothing.. Just nothing.. No family, no love... My bf was the only person who made me happy... Now as I've lost him I've lost my smile... I'm in pain, I wanna die.. There's nothing left for me, I can't live alone... He is my world

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Re: Love

So sorry to read what you are going through right now. You have probably already thought about it but I would say that if you have access and can afford a counselor or a psychologist, please go for it. If you think that you have friends and family that you can trust and if you believe that they will sympathize with you, open up with them. Time may or may not be an ally. For some people, time helps. For others, it may get them worse. Your faith similarly may or may not be helpful. Don't rely too much on faith and religion.