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Love love love. Love hurts love heals, love kills love revives, love is sweet love is sower, love weakens love strengthens, why do we fall in love and not rise? Why do we fall prey to fake love and not true love? Happiness, sorrow, depression, all on love. Why are these emotions hurting so much? Once we are loyal, have a pure heart ❤️, love becomes our weakness 😔 I don't wanna fall in love, I just wanna be in love. Why is it so hard? You came into my life, made me feel love then left me hanging 🥺. You say you care but keep on leaving. You keep coming back saying you wanna be close to me and I keep on accepting you. You ain't a player buh I keep on getting hurt 😭 I've always believe in love but now I wanna stop. I wanna be alone at least I'll know that I can't hurt myself. I fell in love with you, now I wanna rise out of love without you.