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Hello everyone if you really care about me. Because my life its actually hunting me because i don't really what to say. First my background. I am 16 almost 17, Christian and black yep.. To be honest I am looking for love which will take forever but I am extremely emotional.

Unfortunately for me I want have a girlfriend which she will my wife and stay with her forever, but the problem is that I am a black African and I am only interested in white girls and the i can't speak with easy because I am very emotional,but the thing is I can't to have one but it's taking to long to get one sometime I think it's because I am ugly and disgusting or probably my look I don't know, I feel so jealous for all the how got their own girlfriends mostly for those how got a hot girlf, sometimes I wish to be them if you are asking what type of girls I am attracted to is firstly the look white skin, Blue eyes, English ones, good quality, good educations, good friends, smart than me, always tell her feelings and listening my feelings too, respectfull, good parents, nice boobs big enough but not too big and normal butts,good smell, cares for me, good listener, hows the same page as me No smoking at all, never had a boyfriend before. So ye that it unfortunately I don't really think I will be able to find someone like this type of girl..........


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