Love Confused....!

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Guys, need help to understand the situation:

A girl loves me so much, and she wants to marry me. We have spent long time enough with each other. To be honest, she is too caring.

Situation comes here:

I am not getting the feeling of love. I know she loves me a lot. But I am scared if I will be able to give the same or not. She might be happy with me, but not sure if I will be happy or not.

I can also say that she will do much caring than any other girl, but I doubt if I will be able to give the same in return or not.

I said yes for marriage because I can’t hurt anyone and not because of love, and she is the one with whom we have spent a lot time now together.

I am bit confused so thought to ask anonymously as I can’t share this with anyone with my identity as that girl might know and it will hurt her a lot.

Any suggestions, tips or anything which will be highly appreciable. Thank you.

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