love hurts

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I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years now. he used to be possesive ,insecure about me. Because of this we used to have lots of fights. he is now changed with his behaviour he is good now. But i really miss the way we used to talk laugh and smile .since he changed his behaviour we rarely talk to each other. Whenever i try to talk with him . He say he have so many work when i know he wanted to talk less so we could not fight. I convince him this is not good .he never care. Its been 3 days we havent talk to each other. Im fine without talking to him. Our love for each other will never changed. Our bond have changed. We feel we should give importance to ourselves. but i miss the way he used to be. Is the change good dont know....i dont want to think too much. I want to go with the flow. Im tired of crying all the time. Being in a relationship is so hard really kills u ....i love him and our love is always there but i get scared if we end like we have no feeling..... if he say me like i dont love u anymore im happy without u .......