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Love Hurts

There was this one guy I fell in love with. I thought for sure he was my soulmate, I thought for sure were going to get married, but those were just me thinking again. It got off soo good. We both confessed then started learning a little but deep down I knew he didn't like me back. My heart just kept on breaking when I keep texting him and I didn't know why. He lent me his shoulder and everything but then I saw that he still had feelings for someone else other than me. I was heartbroken knowing that I've been single my entire life, zero exes, I decided to end the relationship because I knew even if we liked each other knowing me., he would've went for the other person. Even now I feel so sad when I think of him, he still lingers in my mind. There was also this one person whom I left at late 2nd grade, I went to Winchester. If you know me please, I would love to see you again. Even now Love Hurts for me.