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Love..... I wish I could.

Honestly, all I really want to feel is love and affection....

Theres more than life than to just having an erection.

Wtf is the point of sex if in the end I’m alone.

Is life worth living or can someone shoot me in the dome.

i feel so empty, but yet I’m full of tears.

but I don’t ever cry because to everyone I show no fear.

Because to everyone, I’m the one whose happy

i always smile even when my hair is nappy

but deep down I’m rotten inside.

like a tree whose been struck by lightning and is enjoying its last ride.

is it worth it to keep going or should I give up on finding love. I don’t think there’s a person in this world who actually would.

ITS ALL CAP. I wish I would just disappear like Thanos’ snap.