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Love Is A Person

From the beginning of civilization and thought, the human race has sought to explain existence. Now, you may ask, what does this have to do with Love? Through explaining existence, we must also find out why our words came about. For instance, if I were to say something is pretty. Where does that word come from? Does it not come from the fact that we have created a word that describes the concept of an object or thing being pleasing to the eye? The word represents the concept, but then where does the concept come from? Also, can the concept exist if we don't exist in this universe. Obviously, we come back to the age old question of whether or not this universe was created through intelligent design, or just a freak accident of matter coming from nothing (which isn't possible in this universe). Most of us who have experience middle school and high school science have learned the fact that matter can't be created or destroyed. The universe is on a course for death through entropy.

The case for intelligent design can easily be made. Track the Bible and history - you will see (with close examination, not just through sheer belief) that the God of the Christian Bible is a promise keeper. He has said what he has said and done it in all instances. Jesus Christ is then the solidifier to God's will and existence. Don't just believe me, dive deep into research on this. Also, don't just be in disbelief simply because some human has told you that everything about Christians and their beliefs are evil, bad, backwards, whatever.

Now, with the intelligent designer, God and the history that backs Him up, we can see that God has to be the true standard for love. In sin, God sent his perfect son to die on the cross. We as the human race would rarely die for a sinner, let alone a good person (or flawless for that matter). Jesus died for the sinner, and that was the action he took. God is love and love is the action of unconditional love to provide an opportunity for all who accept Jesus to be reunited with the Creator God for eternity. To do life our way would be to turn our backs on that promise and say that we would rather going with a fleeting, emotional love. God's gift to mankind (Jesus Christ - also God, but that's another story) is the only path back to the God of the Christian Bible that the human race turned from in the very beginning.