Love is confusing am i being selfish?

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ok so like my boyfriend says when we go to his parents Sunday he’s going to start staying home and coming on weekends again because he is tired of them not telling him stuff that be going on and i get it but like he been her for monthhhsss bru like a long time and we are about to be moving out together soon before august hopefully and its just like why did u get me use to being with you every night just to up and leave and like he acts like him going is going to change anything like what are you going to do when we move out? And its like what would fix it is spending time with them and if you want to start a life w me then your supposed to involve me and i’m always trynna see them and spend more time w them but he never is we always with my family and i just feel like its messed up like why cant we go see them more that would make a difference not just up and leaving me when u k ow we been each others ONLY support for each other.