Love is hard

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I liked a girl. I loved her way too much and she also loved me back . We had an amazing time , wonderful memories, life was good. But, I was the scared type so I didn't have the courage to meet her outside. Still I tried to make her happy. One day her father died . I wanted to meet her, I wanted to talk with her, I wanted to comfort her but I was afraid, afraid that now if I meet her and if her parents see her then I thought what if her parents say " now only your father went and already you started crossing your limits" I was afraid they were gonna scold her so I controlled myself. That was when another guy came into her life. He was studying in the same college as her so he comforted her. Whenever I call she used to be busy talking with him, when I messaged she would say I don't have time. When I say let's meet she would say I am tired from going to college and taking tutions in home . I felt ignored so I one night I was pissed because of all the ignoring and messaged her this sentence" know your feelings." and that sentence f****d my life. That day night she saw that message and said breakup.

Next day she proposed to the new guy. I tried very hard to change her mind but she already moved way ahead with the new guy. I apologised for all my mistakes and said "I will never say those words again I will never make you cry please give me one chance" but it was too late . And now everyday my memories of her make me sad , it pains a lot. Too much pain.

Who so ever is reading this I am telling with experience spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. Don't feel fear when you are in love, care for your loved ones. Love is hard but if it works then it's beautiful.

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