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Love is pain

Maybe I won't wake up tomorrow morning... I'll try my best to end this pain as soon as possible.. Hopefully by tonight... I know only 2-3 people who will cry.. But eventually gonna overcome this.. Cz life stops for none.. But this doesn't apply in my case.. My life has completely stopped for someone, who was my world, my only reason to smile... After losing him I find no reason for me to live.. Cz life is nothing without happiness, isn't it?

He's gone, my happiness is gone... And I can't be alive like this.. I had promised him that I'll belong to him till my last breathe.. And here I am, writing for the last time, still crying for him...

I wish he gets everything he wants and stays happy forever..

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2 months ago

Re: Love is pain

Does a Diamond 💎 lose it's value if the ring it was on, breaks?

No! Right?

Giving up on life is not the answer.

You are enough for yourself!

You had a life before him too

He was just a chapter in the book of you!

Please talk to someone!

You can even reach me on discord whitedeath#2194

But Please! Don't take any regrettable steps.

I almost lost a sister because of a similar situation so I can imagine how you must be feeling, but remember! you're not alone.