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Love or just sexual attraction

So I met this guy five years back when I was 19, through twitter . We both are from same country but different cities. We became really close friends within no time, as we both shared same thoughts and ideologies. I haven't met him in person because he was working in abroad.

He was always sad and depressed because he was away from his family. Whenever he feels depressed he comes to me. We used to have long long conversations about everything around us throughout the whole day and night. We supported each other emotionally. When I was going through a very tough time,he was the only person who stood up for me when nobody else did, not even my parents.

He soon fell in love with me and proposed me. I liked him as a good friend and I always wanted to be with him but I wasn't sure enough whether it was love or just an attraction. So I rejected it. But this didn't affected our friendship.

On night when we were talking, we both became sexually aroused and started sexting. But soon after I felt so wrong and decided not to repeat this ever.

One and half years ago he got married to another girl. I don't know why, I felt so hurtful and heartbroken. After his marriage we hardly even texted. But when he went back to abroad, without his wife, he started to talk to me again. I never felt like am talking to a married person. We became more close. Even though he had a wife to share everything, he comes to me whenever he had a bad day or bad thoughts.. He finds happiness in me.. we were like lovers. He told me how much he loved me. I think I was also enjoying every bit of it.Then our long conversation again turned into sexting...

Now he is on an vacation with his family and I miss him so much that I can't even sleep.. He is not calling or texting me. And that is making me crazy..He is Ok without me..Hi is happy around his wife..I know he loves his wife more than anything and I don't want to be a home breaker. I am doing a mistake to his wife. I want them to be happy together . But still.. i don't know..I want him.. I don't know how to escape from this