Love Reading for Signs

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cancer, scorpio, pisces:

777. Oooh looks like you're attracting a past life soulmate 🥺 this could be someone you already know. You'll recognize this person through the familiarity, how the connection feels so natural, as if you've known each other for years! It'll be amazing.

Cancer: this is not going to be a conventional love. This person will not necessarily be your exact type, but they will make you feel so addicted. You'll be so attracted to them, you'll want them in every way possible. It won't be an easy ride but it'll be fulfilling.

Scorpio: You are going to be drawn to this person like a moth. Nothing will explain why you're so attracted to them other than a past life recognition. And it's mutual, this pull you feel towards each other. Your heart is telling you something. Do something about it!

Pisces: I'm seeing you in love with someone who feels "wrong". Some sort of forbidden love, or someone you shouldn't be dealing with by society's standard (an ex, a best friend's sibling/ex, etc). But the heart wants what it wants. When are you going to listen to it?

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