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Love sex n desire - gateway to ruins

It was 3 years back when I had started joined this company and started anew to see how well I can shape my career. People around me in the new workplace were friendly except my own team which was still nostalgic of the earlier boss. I was trying too hard to impress everyone around and as always, going through a phase of self doubt if I will be successful in the new place. I had just completed a mega assignment and the next day a office colleague walked Upto me wearing a milky White shirt n blue denims and fought with me for something I wasn’t aware of, don’t know what got into me and I agreed to help him - he suddenly calmed down and offered to spend some time with me for his need. My team warned me about his bad temper and asked me to stay away from him. What followed was fantasy to say the least, it was 3 years of hate - love - fights - separation - love - lust - sex - obsession and finally separation. In my blog I will write episodes of our story which will ignite your inner desires. Stay tuned