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Love Triangle?

In Jan 2020 I started talking to this guy and I liked him and he liked me but it never went anywhere and we stayed very close mates. Then a month ago (June 2020) I started talking to this other guy and we started liking each other and everything was fine but due to personal stuff on his side we haven’t dated. And then the other day me, the two boys and my other mate went to town. And then my feelings for the first guy basically all flooded back cause he started being flirty and I felt guilty cause I felt like I was playing the 2nd guys even tho we’re not dating and we’re not exclusive also when we hug or kiss or whatever he never wants anyone to see at all like he’s embarrassed to be seen close with me but the 1st guy doesn’t care (I ain’t kissed him)But we had a moment where it felt like we was gonna kiss but we didn’t. But I don’t know who I like more/ who would be better for me cause guy no.2 is known to be a big ass flirt where as guy no. 1 isn’t but then I like them both but I’m not good with feelings and I don’t wanna mess anyone around as it could ruin their friendship with each other or me which I don’t want. I basically am stuck and people are like just see how it goes but I don’t want this whole thing to destroy friendships or trust so idk. Has anyone got any good suggestions?

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Re: Love Triangle?

So it seems like the only thing you can do is wait and watch.

. You don't know who is the right one for you ?? Am I right ??

If u don't want to ruin their friendship and yours with them too, then the only thing you can do is stay as a friend with them. Don't mess around like kissing and all.

Just think what if they both have feelings for you but the thing is that's just infatuation and not love.

. Or u also might have infatuation on them and u are naming it for as in love or like.

But if you really think the first guy is good for you then go for him, confess and let it be whatever will end up happening.