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Love Yourself Forget Them!

Im new to this site but some of you guys are depressing af and Im about to cheer you up! If any human being, family members included has ever told you that you are a failure, talked about you or said you are not living up to thier expectations imagine them saying it on the toilet while they are wiping thier asses. You know why? Because they are human just like you and on the toilet all the PHDs, Bachelors and various titles dont mean shyt. Most of them dont have room to talk anyway they have issues too...some may even be on drugs but running YOU down... HA! They are human just like you. Dont worry about what people say about you. People are fake and publicly they are the enhanced fake pompous version of who they really are. They #2, fart, pick boogers, scratch thier ass and do all of the human things they portray they are too good to do behind closed doors Imagine them on the toilet when they get pompous and shyt on them by being happy with yourself. Love yourself, forget them!!!!!

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Re: Love Yourself Forget Them!

I was swimming in tears now Iโ€™m laughing like a moron thanks and yes we are humans and we just want others to understand us and helps us get out of the hole full of shit we life in Thanks again and I will never forget what you said:,)

im new too to this but it makes me angry you need 300 words to post

What if you donโ€™t want to write so muchhhh

this page makes you get does feelings out


You are incredible! Whoever you are, thank you. I sometimes forget to love myself. I often put others wants before my own. I often find myself believing the negative things people have said about me. The weird part is, the same people who are saying bad and negative things to me are the ones who are really doing wrong! Just like you said, we're all human and we all scratch our ass ๐Ÿ˜‚. I loved that part. I really needed to laugh and I needed to be reminded that I am important too. So once again, thank you ๐Ÿ’“