Love Yourself, Fuck Relationships

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How many of you have had the peace of being by your damn self? Its the most freeing experience ever. I dont have to argue over dumb shit. I dont have to deal with your annoying, nosy, or needy ass family members. I dont have to cook your picky ass something to eat and figure out how much salt and pepper you like. I dont have to deal with how you turn eating into a fucking spectacle with all of your crtiquing of wtf somebody else cooked for your fat ass. I can fart or shit when I want without fear of your dumb ass comments. I dont have to have sex with you when Im tired after catering to your ass all day while you sit on your ass and watch sports. Being single is wonderful. It is great. So many people complain and lose sleep due to wanting someone or crying over someone. People actually think youre sad or failed because your single. Mfs I am free. I fell in love with me. I realized you cannot build a person like you can build a bear in the mall. You see how your man or woman is acting? Like a damn fool freely.....thats because they are being exactly who they are. Again ..... Love Yourself, Fuck Relationships.

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