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Love is something so beautiful they say but is it really? What is love anyways who needs it, it'll just get it the way. Is what i try to tell myself everyday, why love someone who doesn't appreciate all you'll do for them all you'll be for them all you suffer for them. You'll die for them but they'll turn around to love someone as you loved them but hey that's love right? its beautiful right? well i say it's a curse. Love is a burden all it brings is heartbreak and agony. This so called love turned my once caring heart to anger and hatred, all i have are distant memories. These memories show a smile i once gave, a smile i can't get back, a smile that would never be genuine again. They show a girl who was full of life it pains me. To know i will never be her again i am now someone who hates the world, a girl so angry at herself for falling, for being the one who won the i love you more game, for giving 1000% instead of 0% like you.. Take this heart it never done me any good, although you brought all this pain i will always love you and that will the end of me. I guess that's the little girl in me, having hope, believing that you'll love me if i try hard enough. If i keep trying and don't stop ,utterly disregarding how exhausted i truly am. i tried to give you everything, but i couldn't give you the world. All i could give you was all of me and the rest of me till i had nothing, till i was nothing. I lost myself saving you. I guess you could say i got the short end of the stick.