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Lovely parents.❤

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An amazing love in this world is parent's love.I have no words to say more about parents.😊😊💗💗I have request to all please respect your parents,they can feel our imotions.One day i spoke loudly to my mom,after 5,10 minutes i felt sad.I am so thankful to my God who gave me my parents.I love my parents more than my life.If we will respect our parents,surely we will get paradise.See to them who are orphan.Think how they feel without their parents,think how they feel without their parent's love?

I have request again to you all please respect your parents,love them more and more.They are our everything.I love u my parent(both nuclear family and joint family).😊😊❤❤❤❤❤💗💗

I love you my mom,i love u my dad.I can't live without you.You are my everything.I'll praise u everyday.

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