Love...or the lack of it

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My story is one of love...or the lack of it. There is this guy I met a couple years ago. We have connected on so many levels but he has yet to make a move. We talk about everything. I support him in all of his endeavors. He is there when I need him. He is vulnerable with me and vice versa. We encourage each other. He calls me "pretty lady" and "my love". I have fallen head over heels for him and I just wonder if he has done the same. Lately, I feel him being more distant. He watches my social media stories all the time, but never says or reacts to anything I post...and it seems to be that way just for me. He didn't even celebrate a major accomplishment with me...didnt even comment congrats or like it. Is he afraid that he's getting too close. I feel so stupid falling for him and he seems so scared of love and scared of me. I hate having feelings and they just won't go away. I don't know what to do anymore. My only option is to stop all communication reaching out to him, but my heart won't let me. God keeps putting signs of him in my face when I try not to reach out. Ugh! This is so crazy! Thank you for reading...I don't really have anyone else to tell this to but God.

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