Love's Opinion

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Love is an emotion that confuses us for a lot of reasons. We can't figure out why, how and when, but, it always comes to us in various ways that doesn't make sense at all. When we talk about love, all we know is that sacrifices have to be made and acceptance is a must. How can we tell if it's love? Well, love doesn't come in fancy charades or through arguments, love is something that is bound to be with you and will always be for you. Love is an undescribable feeling that makes you feel like you have butterflies inside. Love is an unknowing concept that partakes in our mind and heart, yet, it will always be unknown from every perspective because it is indefinite.

Love is bound to happen anytime and anywhere. We can't tell if what's wrong with us at that moment, but, the excitement, the thrill and happiness comes bursting out because you felt that you are loved and being loved by someone. We actually can't say how it happened or where it began or even why it ever existed because love comes in all forms and sizes. Love for me happens, when we feel comfortable, we are accepted for our bad side and not the good one, and when we are not judged by our past but for the present happenings we have accomplished.

Once, there was always a saying "love happens at the most unexpected moment in life". When we think about it, people show comfort when we are sad, but sometimes we mistake it for love. But, I do know for a fact that, the people you are close to you, those who support you, love you the most. I remember a movie, the title was, "love, roise" it gave me a new understanding about what love was. You don't really know why love has happened to you, you don't even know where it began or how it ended up like this. But, you do know that you really want to spend your entire life with that person, for better or for worse, for better or for poor. Also, love means that we have to set aside the differences from gender preference, cultural difference, personality, attitude and what more because love is unconditional and always will be accepted. That's why love is always unparallel in my eyes.