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i'm such an idiot. i'm such a lovesick, attention starved dumbass. i cant believe i truly thought even for a second that the feelings were mutual. you were light years out of my league. i believed every little lie you told me. i should've acknowledged the red flags. i should've done something before it progressed any further. i should've stopped it before i fell in love with you. because now 3 months later, i've lost you entirely. at least before i had you as a friend. we got along so well, we were so similar... but i guess opposites attract. i knew it wouldn't work out between us, but you didn't have to leave... especially after my succeed attempt. i miss you. but i hope she treats you well. i hope you facetime her until the early morning. i hope you send her the same paragraphs you sent me. i hope she feels the same way i do, and i truly hope when you break her heart she crumbles and shatters and begs for you to come back even after all the pain you've put her through. i hope she feels how i feel now. so have a nice life, and maybe one day we'll find each other again. but until then, this is goodbye.