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Loving girls

One of the hardest things is to be gay in a very homophobic country. I am gay, i ve always been. M trying my best not to get overwhelmed by it, not disappoint anyone especially my parents who believe they raised a very appropriate girl. And now to make things even more complicated,i ve fallen in the love of one of my girl school mates. I hope this ends sowhat well.

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Re: Loving girls

I understand how you feel I myself am questioning and it is very hard to open up about it to anyone but you should try and talk about it more so you don’t feel the way you do. It is 100% alright to feel scared and overwhelmed by what you’re feeling and as for your schoolmate which you fell for you should try and hint at the possibility of you two becoming a couple and if she doesn’t like girls well that’s also all right but I encourage you to talk about you sexuality more even with your parents because all though they may seem not to like the idea of you liking the same gender eventually they will except you for who you are and accept that you are gay they will also support you and your decisions. I hoped this helps have a good day or night! Take care and be safe!