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Loving mother

I dont know where to start from. I feel my parents dont love me and they love my younger sister. Reasons ...

1. They care for her 

2. Talk to her 

3. They are there for her whenever she needs them. 

I seriously dont have issues with these ... But now when i think, this was on since soo long , i just chose to ignore it. 

My mom hates me because i look like my dad (yes my sis looks like my mom). 

And my mom trash talks. Calls me names and so on. Like it was never peaceful at home. She really hates me.

I got into BDS ... Topped almost every year ... But guess what? My mom doesnt even appreciate it.

My sis wants to get into MBBS and i help her with her studies and explain things which are difficult. But all this said and done, she mocks me. And says that i am jealous that she might get into mbbs and my mom supports that theory. I cried in front of them because i was feeling cornered and they were laughing at me. 

My mom doesnt acknowledge this behaviour of hers and says she is same with both of us 😂😂

These things have been going on since quiet a few years ... I have been dragging myself to live since past 6-7 years... But now i am tired... But i dont want to give up. I have a bright future. I am just waiting for these things to end.

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Re: Loving mother

You know what, I had similar views that family is the most important thing in world. But that is not true. We create our family. Just by giving birth to someone or by being biologically related to someone does not make you a family. There are people in world, yeah they exist, who without any relation can be your family. I think you should seek them.