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Loving my children but not being a good mother.

Yes,I know every mom at some point feels like they aren't doing a good job but I promise this is on a different level.

I have three children and the first two weren't easy as babies but I kept them safe and cared for to the best of my ability. My youngest is different. not that I love her any more or any less than the first two but my ability to care for her and..keep her safe...Its never intentional and everything that has happen happen so fast..they were mistakes but preventable and serious mistakes....

Two days ago my baby went to the potty. i was sitting on my bed and could see her from where I was. I got distracted and when i look over she is walking out of the bathroom with an open bottle of asprin. I rushed to her and took the bottle away screaming for my husband. I know she got at least one because i had to clean it off her tongue before she could swallow it. My husband called poison control as I held my baby girl and crying. Then this morning....she got a hold of my razor and cut her finger....she cut her finger..I shouldnt be a mother..I dont have the focus needed to keep them safe..i just dont know what to do...i love them and my heart feels like its being ripped from my chest but im just not sure im fit to be a mom

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Re: Loving my children but not being a good mother.

I love you because you care. I’m literally a genius. Take all your meds & put them in a high cabinet. Take all chemicals & put them in a high cabinet. Install simple plastic childproof latches.

Just take one & line it up. Use a sharpie to mark holes where screws will go. Take drawer out if possible, or just use body to hold in place when hit. Use a tiny paneling nail & hammer. Knock a small hole about 1/2 inch into wood for each Mark. Now hold latch in place & use Phillips screw driver to turn in screw.

A simple latch will just pop up to hold closed. You pull on door/drawer & stick hand in to release. Easy for you, hard for her.

They also have simple alarms. Window alarms. You just use tape on it to attach on door. AA battery. Can turn off on side. That would let you know if she open. Probably overkill.

Take all your knives & razors & put up there too. Yes it’s a pain. But soon she will be old enough you won’t have too. I have three. My autistic got into nothing. My next was sweet & listened. My third was a pain in the butt. Oh he’s sweet & kind. The only time he’s ever got in trouble was at school. I had to go talk to cops after he tried to fight a bunch of boys hurting a disabled kid. And when he defended a gay kid at school. Where I live it’s very anti-gay. My kids are awesome.

But he tried to get into everything. Take everything apart. You name it. Well; I was worse.

Your a wonderful mom because you care. We get wore out. I love you. Just try to be pro-active. Find a way to stop them before they do stupid stuff. If they do it once stop it before it happens again.

Have your husband turn your hot water heater down. Turn the hot water closest to the garage or water heater in a closet/utility room. Let it get as hot as possible. If you can’t comfortably slowly count to ten with your hand under it once it’s max hot; then it’s too hot for sensitive skin.

Don’t leave standing water like bathtubs or sinks. Shut door if must walk out. Lower lid on toilets. No wade pool with water left in them. Kids can drown easy.

There’s only so many geniuses in the world. I’m one. Yet I still make endless mistakes. If a person who built rockets can make stupid mistakes why can’t you?

It’s OK. Your care. So just ahead of things & do your best. I protected my babies the best I could. One day I looked at traffic over & over. Finally I pulled out. A drunk swerved 3 lines & hit the gas instead of the breaks as I slowed for a red light. Nearly killed my son. Me & my wife have permanent damage. No matter what you do crap happens.

Just calm down & find ways to outsmart her. She’s very young. Your smarter. So just outsmart her before she does dumb stuff. And fix the dumb stuff she does so it doesn’t happen again.

Because I know I didnt say this in my original post, Just wanted anyone who reads this and is curious my daughter is ok,she didnt need stitches and the cut doesnt seem to be bothering her. I still feel like shit but I wanted anyone who is concerned to know she is alright.

also thank you to whoever responded it did help me feel better and I took your words to hart.we went out and bought every babyproofing thing we could find and hunted down and took care of all immediate threats and dangers. we will finish child proofing tomorrow <3