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Low scores

I feel like my rank in school will go down. I was in rank 3 last school year. I was very happy to be exact but then this school year started. My grades are slowly going downhill and i dont know what to do. My friends keep telling me that its just a rank but for me its not. I have high standards for myself and also for my family and teachers. i dont know anymore. i dont want to disappoint everyone and myself too. please help me

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Re: Low scores

As a child if I dropped a piece of ice I was beaten. I had to be perfect. Became ocd.

In one of my 7 majors I made two B’s. I threw up for a whole day each time.

You can’t be so hard on yourself. Also you will have teachers that fuck you.

A black teacher didn’t like white kids. Gave one of my kids a B. Only B she ever made in first 11 yrs.

I used build stuff for space. Had two geniuses. Me & him. I solved something he couldn’t. He hated me after that. Endlessly tried to cause trouble for me. I’m autistic.

Chill friend. It’s cool.