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Im 23 and my sis is 18

One day we watching Tv and my thick sister sits next to me... we watch tv and keep eating some snacks and suddenly there comes a sex scn in a instant ....i felt awkward and searched for the remote while my sister kept looking at the scn .... without hesitation ... and i nver gt the remote to change the channel and we both had to watch the whole scn together and we were shy about wat happen..... luckily no ome at home.....

After few minutes i can see that my sister is just lying next to me with her ass facing me and ..i could not resist looking at it and my dick went rock hard .... i kmew she posing so i can see her ass clearly in the shorts she was wearing ...

I was soo horny that i tried slipping my hands on her legs and started to slowly caress it ...she didnt make any moves and kept on wit the television .....i was hesitant to press harder ...and then suddenly all were back home ....

I waited till night and slept in my sisters room wanting to see her ass for the last time ...and there she was without any panties and i was sleeping r8 next to her ass facing me ...i was able to rub all over her legs and she did not make any moves and let me play wit her ...i rubbed her ass crack and kept going down till i could find her pussy clit ...since she has no panties on i was able to feel her tight pussy and felt it become wet and suddenly she started to moan in her sleep ..but i knew she was acting sleeping...then after making her wet i wanted to slip my hands into her shorts and start to finger her ....but i realised i need to stop and wait for her to make the next move ...some other time ....i then jerked off to her ass and then went asleep

And next day we were talking to each other as if nothing happen ...

And also my sister seems to taunt me while at home she wears no panties and thin clotes at home i can feel horny and shit ...but i hope this is just a fantasy dream