Lying about homework

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Okay so at the time of writing this I am just crying profusely so sorry if things don't make sense.

I get calls from my teacher because we can't go to school because of quarantine. The teacher asks me if I have been doing my work and I say I have. But truth is, I haven't done a month of school work. I just have been procrastinating and ignoring my work and I regret it deeply. This is what my teacher points out, she actually called me a few minutes ago. She says that I haven't handed in my work and I lied about some glitch with the homework app. She says 'okay I'll go check, goodbye' and the call ends. Now I feel like if I tell my mother the truth, she'll get mad and scold me a lot and if I go to school the teachers will also scold to me and take some points away. My good grades are what keeps me going but now that I'm procrastinating I just can't do it. So I'm sitting here just crying profusely. Should I tell them the truth?

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