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I don’t know what to do

my family falls apart every day. I cry myself to sleep every night because of it. My 13 year old brother is literally a psychopath. My mom is always yelling and me and my little brothers have to hear it every night. We are all mistreated, but we still don’t have it bad. ik people are going through much worse things right now and will for a while. I feel selfish coming on here and taking about myself and my problems when they aren’t as bad as others. I work my ass off at dance twice a week. i even work at dance once a week to help little kids. then come home and have to help my little brothers and sometimes cousins. When i’m at my house i cook every meal for myself and most of the time my brothers too. my brother just broke an expensive tv and this is the 3rd time he’s broke one. my family just doesn’t care and gives him a new one. he even has a better xbox than me and is younger than me. i work, babysit, clean, do anything i can to help my family and earn money for myself. i even bought my own xbox and he didn’t. he gets to play basketball or do anything he wants no matter how bad his grades are, his attitude is, anything. i dance and manage school greatly and my mom does not care. she gets mad at me when i tell her how bad my brother is. it’s not fair to me and my little brothers having to listen to her every night. screaming and yelling. constantly. she doesn’t even have any interest in any of her kids. especially me. no one besides my best friend knows i’m actually suicidal. every night i come home and cry. wanting to die. every single damn day. but i cant give up, there’s people who need me. i know nobody’s gonna read this big long thing but if you do, please stay strong. it’s gonna get better baby i promise. -m

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Re: M

I read the whole thing sweetheart. I think you're very brave. Sorry that you're life is in turmoil right now. You sound like a very responsible and mature person. And yes, people do need you so please don't harm yourself. You are incredible! You are more responsible than your parents it seems. I think it's cool that you're a dancer! I think dancing is fun too! Just know that if you don't give up, one day, if you truly believe, you will be on top of the World.