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M i doing wrong to myself..??

I love him like crazy n i dont wanna loose him...we are in relationship about 7 years n he cheated on me..n when i knew about this i ask him...he said that he love me n he cant leave me..i said if you loved me you never done this with me...he says ke you donn worry..m with you always...that was a mistake...ibdont wanna loose you...n now he is talking with me like before...n m nt comfortable with his nature...i mean he is still talking with that girl n ik everything..bt still he manages to handle me..he knows that ik everything...n i told him that leave her ASAP...bt id think that he will do that...n if i wanna leave him i cant..bcz i truly love him...n i cant forget 7 years...m i doing wrong to myself...he says he wants to marry me...n abou both families know about are relationship...n its like ik everything bt i cant do anything...he apologise n he begged for me bt still he is talking with that girl...i told him not to bt he is still talking with her...n that stupid girl msgd me about them...n telling me that leave him...what should i do..i told him that id want this...bt he is like wait for sometime ill solve everythin...you jst be my side...now what should i do...???

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Re: M i doing wrong to myself..??

Hi, You don't have to take my word of advice as this is what I would've done. If I was in your place I would've left him. He isn't respecting your feeling at all and you are in a toxic relationship right now. It might feel like you won't be able to get over him, but you definitely won't be able to get over him if you stay in a relationship with him. You should never keep yourself trapped in a relationship thinking that you will never get over him. If you don't want to break up right away because you are unsure, tell him that you want to take a break and see how it goes. If he says no, you need to breakup with him because he is showing a lack of respect, if he says yes, take a break ( a long break if necessary, usually some relationships require a break) and see how you feel without him and your relationship and be honest with yourself. Also the fact your family knows makes it a lot easier, you can talk to them about it or talk to your friends about it, don't keep it to yourself. Also girl you have to be really honest, a good way to do this is write down the good things and bad things about staying in this relationship or about the guy on a piece of paper (with a pen so you can't erase it). Your life won't end if you breakup with him, you'll find many other guys probably better than him that respect your feelings (which i feel like your current boyfriend doesn't) also PLEASE DO NOT GET MARRIED UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETELY SURE, ending a relationship is easier than ending a marriage (especially if you have kids). over all I just want to say that i think the best thing you can do right now is take a break and see how it goes, that's the first step.