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Making love has become boring!

I have a boyfriend and we are living together, it's been 2 years since we became a couple. Lately our intimate time became too boring and fast to finished! After that he dozed off... As for me asking for more stressed him out! We end up arguing or he'll promised to have a better performance next time but next time is the same as usual or even worst!

Though, dispite the unpleasant pleasures he gave me, he will remind me most of the time of how much he loves me. He's loving me like the first time he did.

When he was just courting me he was a skinny-normal body. But as we have been together he became chubby and he's asthma attacks got worst and attacks when we do it sometime. Dispite of that I still love him and loves to hug him more because he's fluffy.

Its just that... SEX is not a good time for the both of us, masterbation is more fun than doing it with him.

So now... The question, should I be concerned about it or I should just let go and let it be?