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Manipulating Babysitter

i have had a regular baby sitter for my daughter. She is 16 and has an amazingly sexy figure. For the past year we have had many sexual encounters. Before I drop her at her house we often have sex in the car. My daughter is ten and apparently over the years the babysitter has been manipulating her to do dirty and naughty things. Lately the babysitter has been leaving photos of them both naked, touching each other, and even fondling each other. The last photo was a picture of my daughter in a skirt being fingered by the Babysitter. At first I was mad, but I was also totally aroused by it. She has also been mentioning it during sex and has been planting dirty thoughts in my mind involving her and my daughter. I feel like she has gained control...

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Re: Manipulating Babysitter

All I have to say about this is....im horny reading it. I wish I could have an experience like this. Ive been with a 4yo. Once. It was amazing. If my daughter and I found ourselves in this, id be horny all the fucking time. Id be fucking the babysitter and my daughter at the same time. I'm curious how many people are in the closet about this

That 16 year old is ruining your life and more importantly, your daughter’s childhood. Even if she introduced this to you, YOU will be the one held accountable because you’re an adult.

Your daughter will most likely never recover from this and your wife/girlfriend will find out eventually.

Please, thank about your daughter’s future. Put an end to this. And if you have the conscience and bravery, turn yourself in and seek rehabilitation.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I can tell you that the things you’re doing will haunt your daughter for the rest of her life. She won’t find it cute or sexy, she’ll just have trauma.

Wow.. what a paremt. What your doing id moraly wrong and illegal. How is your daughter going to have a normal life after this? Ur sick.

Even if this is souposed to be completely anonymous, i believe that illegal stuff or anything causing harm to a child should be allowed to be reported. What the hell.

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To the last commenter......

I'll say you're a maniac and a pedophile

How can you have sex with a four year old and you think it's amazing,you'll even want to fuck your own daughter (I'm sure you might have done that as well).

Even if you're not satisfied with your ruined life,must you ruin the life of your girl too?

The world is really upside down😥😥

You are fucking DISGUSTING

Kinks I understand, im in no way vanilla

But that is PEDOPHILIA, she RAPED your child and you find it hot? You should've called the police as soon as you heard about that you sick fuck

This absolutely disgusts me. Your daughter will be traumatized by this shit