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Manipulative Abusive ex plays victim after break up

My ex boyfriend of 4 years was very explosive with manipulation and abusive for the last year and a half of our relationship. First off, when we first started dating I lost a lot of my close friends because he said they were annoying and etc. They all stopped talking to me because of him because i wasn’t allowed to hangout with anyone but him. After that for the next like 2 years was fine normal no issues. Until the start of 2019, he then proceeded to track me, he got into my icloud and would read private texts with my family and screenshot anything he thought was about him. He would then proceed to say he knew i was talking bull about him when i wasn’t. He then proceeded to tell me he’d send “people” to jump my younger siblings and would harm my entire family. Then he got very emotionally, physically and manipulatively abusive for the rest of the year. In the summer of 2019, he thought i was cheating on him with one of his friends that i’ve known since i was younger but wasn’t close with until we got together. I never cheated and never would and i told him that countless times but it didn’t matter. That night when he thought i had cheated he grabbed me and threw me against a fence and held me by my neck making actuations and threats. He would choke harder if i went to yell for help. This was not the first time he had tried to put his hands on me, he had shoved me into a door and threatened to throw me out a window before this. I lost trust in him immediately, only felt safe when there was others around us, i honestly felt safer walking my self home at late hours following this. Now flash to when COVID started, after the Month of March i stopped hanging out everyday, i didn’t want to risk getting the virus cause i didn’t trust what he was doing on days that i didn’t hang. He hated that i never chilled and would rarely talk. In July, i went for our birthday (we shared a birthday) at the friend (he thought i was cheating on him withs house) and everything was okay, but he called it his birthday and ignored that we shared one i was upset but he didn’t care. Didn’t see him for the rest of July. August comes around and half way in the month i knew i had to do something cause i knew if i didn’t leave him now i wouldn’t leave him and knew that i wouldn’t have to deal with him trying to meet to talk cause he knew i wouldn’t. He then proceeded to get very angry and started harassing me. Said i was the abusive, manipulative one, i have no one but family on my side. None of my so called friends i’ve made have reached out to me to ask for my side so i’ve been sitting here wondering what lies and bull has he said but know that if no one sees his true side yet they may never see it.

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Re: Manipulative Abusive ex plays victim after break up

Screw them you don’t need them you should just focus on yourself if your friends are believing him over you they’re not your friends meet new people and try talking to

the family members that do believe you about it but you don’t need their approval to move on Filler ....... filler ....