manipulative and very religious parents

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My parents can be mentally abusive at times, and it's always at the point where my parents spout out homophobic, transphobic, and etc.. I grew up in a very catholic household, and when it came to the point where i finally decided to speak up for myself and others, shit went downhill. When they found out I was an atheist, they always fucking made me go to church as it would magically change me back to believing in god. They always spouted out some shit saying that, " This is because of the devil!1!1!!!" or saying that I was wrong in the head because of that. It genuinely made me feel uncomfortable being around my own parents living in my own home, and just thinking about them makes me cringe. Just yesterday my mom was making very homophobic and transphobic comments, and I called her out for that, saying that she should mind her own business and keep her mouth shut if she didn't like that. She made a big deal out of it, frequently telling me I was sick in the head for defending the LGBTQ community. Hours later when my dad came back to worth, my mom starting crying out fake tears, telling him about the argument we had. It wasn't that long before my dad came into my room and started yelling at me bc apparently I was in the wrong?? Anyways my dad thought he did something by taking away my phone. He even left fucking bruises on my arm just to take my phone away. My parents think they're smart just for doing that, they forgot about the laptop im using right now-

Anyways i'm just sick living in this place bc i cant keep up with my parents horrible behavior. It makes me sick to think that I had to raise myself better, bc frankly my parents suck at empathizing with their own kids and don't care about their kids own feelings clearly. Can't wait to move out until im finally older to do so.

sorry for poor grammar and anything else, just needed to rant out

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