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Marcel Shihadeh confessions

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Hi, I’m actor Marcel Shihadeh y’all may know me from Batman and Superman movies as well as my latest sequel Don’t Look Back! Anyways I’m going to write this confession to say what is on my mind. I’m an actor and it’s not like any of these directors will venture to find my secret posts. If they do then who cares because I’m speaking the truth. First of all I really do love girls under 21. It’s because I’m not mature enough to handle a grown woman and because I have psychologically fuck up most of the women I’ve been with. I don’t want a woman who is already broken, I want a pure wholesome virgin even though most of my exes and the other bitches I slept with were damaged hoes but I was just trying to have a bad boy persona I really don’t like girls who are sexually liberated. I think it’s disgusting for women to used them whole “Hoe is Life” that’s why I treated y’all as hoes and ghosted y’all. I will always treat my wife Emily Preibus Shihadeh better than y’all. Y’all hoes had got me at my worst and she got to see the real me. The Jesus Christ saved me which I was never on sins I just acted that way because of my old friends. I know my enemy hates me because I ghosted her and got her pregnant to tell her that I’m not fertile for her to kill own baby by a force miscarriage. I didn’t want a neygger spikk child Anyways. That is also why she did witchcraft on me and my girlfriend which it’s didn’t work just like the failure she is in this life. Black people are failures Anyways. Why would you want to be black anyways? I’m glad I’m not black anyways, I’m a 100 percent white with a white mom and dad just like my wife Emily Preibus Shihadeh white dad and mom. I don’t have to worry about bleaching my kids skin like the way my enemy bleaches her skin to be two to three shades lighter. If my enemy would have kept my kids alive I know she was going to bleach that child’s skin to make that kid look white passing and even tell her kids like the rest them that they are not black that they are white. She don’t even much teach them her Creole, Native American, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Spanish culture. I wouldn’t want to be black or Hispanic Anyways in this life. White is right. White gives you the money and the doors to succeed. I can see why she is mad that I never wanted her and she was just a fetish like every other non white woman. I have no intentions on ever being a relationship with a non White women.  She should have seen that because I never gave her one on one like I do my current girlfriend. It was always her being with me on our dates when I take that retarded autism child or make her hangout with my cool junkie friends at their houses. I never shown her my place like I do my current girlfriend. I always made her pay for herself when me and her did go out. It’s not my fault that your was born black  Hispanic and that you were destined to be a fetished. You should have seen that shit when you remember being told by your softball/tennis/golf/gymnastics coach at 3 years old that you were Soo cute that he has to fuck you. You should have known that when your off and on ex for over 15 years sexually tortured you when you don’t want to listen. You most definitely should have known you’re only good for sex trade when your ex bf in high school pimp you out? What you expect? Besides you been in the sex trade industry for 15 years and you’re finally getting recognized on PornHub and I have been in many of movies and everyone knows me in the entertainment industry. They only know you as a porn star then soon the bitch who fuck celebrities, but still can’t keep a man or sugar daddy to take your ass to your favorite vacation spot Bora Bora at the snap of your hands whenever you want to go hop in a rich man’s private jet. I can do that with my girlfriend because I have made it right after I ghosted you. Your spell didn’t even much work on me or my girlfriend. I guess the death spell will go to Nedal Mohamed, my sister Claire,  or our parents or friends? I know that if the hexing doesn’t go on that person then the cursed will go on to whoever is in a low energy or unaware which is my friends and family because we are all god and I know you can do witchcraft using the Bible that’s what Cuban Santeria is! Anyways Hispanic people are disgusting I wouldn’t want to claim that race just like black, Asian and Middle Eastern. Mexicans are the most disgusting individuals they leave their poo poo paper in the trash can like they’re back in their third war country. Like hello you’re in America the toilet does flush please flush it. They’re dicks are small just like Hondurans, El Salvadoreños, and Guatemalans. Colombians, Dominicans, Cubans, Haitians, Guayaneses, Ecuadorians, and Jamaicans have the biggest ducks but they are full of fucking shit and they expect you to kiss their ass especially the women. That’s why I only fuck y’all island and Spanish women because y’all will never be equivalent to a white woman. At least y’all are not the most undesirable in the world like black women. If I was a black woman I would be just like my enemy I wouldn’t claim that culture and I would do anything I can to make myself look my European to fit the standards. Speaking of that I know my enemy has gotten work done to her face. We know you have wipe out those ethnic features. I can tell you had work done that’s why I made you pay for your date and I know you’re going to always feel some kind of way towards me for the rest of your life, but I don’t care maybe if you were white and skinny like my girlfriend and actually is a Jesus Nut then maybe some man will actually want you but then again you do porn and I can see your sex tapes all online Soo what man wants a woman who makes 3k a week with sugar daddies paying for your apartment in Austin and Las Vegas. Which you barely even much stay at your Las Vegas because you claim it makes you sad. I would be sad too if you know your enemy is living a better life than you. You always wanted fame and I got it, because you wasn’t white and you most definitely didn’t act White enough I didn’t put you on my team. My girlfriend gets to have modeling, acting, and talent search agents hit her up thanks to me. You don’t get shit except you’re a worthless piece of shit. No matter how much surgery you get, perm your hair until it’s bone straight like my girlfriend and how much you constantly bleach your skin to become white. You will never be white! If you was to have that dead baby of mines live you can bleach that kids skin and straighten that kids hair until it’s bone straight and that child will still be a half neygger spikk baby with the other half of my white genes which you’re always going to feel some kind of way because I never gave you proper closure. I never gave closure because I didn’t want to I knew what I wanted from you and I got it and you don’t see me anywhere around you anymore. I don’t have to tell you I’m sorry because you’re not a white girl. I’m nice towards white women and white peoples. If you were white I probably would have kept you around. You should know this all the men you been with have left you for White women that means you’re not white enough for them. All the surgeries in the world and the constant daily bleaching to eventually get your skin color to mines then my girlfriends. I never saw your natural face. You have been getting work done to make yourself look more prettier since you were 16 and you’re close to 40 now! Why would any man want you. You can have all of the vaginal rejuvenated surgeries to make your pussy right but we all know you’re a whore that no one wants. I would kill you just to end your misery here, but you probably out smart me too like the way you piss off Nedal Mohamed and he put that hit on you to make you hurry up to leave Baton Rouge. But I can find you through my daddy. He is an FBI agent, the Criminology Dean, sociology Dean at LSU which you taken my dad’s and mom’s class when you were my age. You failed like you fail at everything in life. My enemy is a pathetic bitch. That’s why I say you’re a pathetic bitch and I don’t know why it’s hard for you to die? You had 6 men put out hits on you. Your on and off ex boyfriend will pull down your pants to stick his whole fists or shove painful objects, lock you in closet for days on your way to death, as disciplined whenever you don’t listen. Which you think that men who don’t torture their girlfriends do exist, but they don’t. All men do this to their girlfriends once you get into a relationship with them. It’s normal for your boyfriend to rip your clothes off and fucks you after you tell him to stop because that is what men are supposed to do to their girlfriends. It’s normal for a man to beam a gun at your head when you come at him sideways. It’s normal to have a black eye when you refused sex even though most men have other bitches on the side they can get pussy from which we all know that you’re known to be everyone’s side bitch. That’s nothing new you’re just a weird hoe like the way people in your high school name you as such that because your on and off again ex bf for over 15 years decided to show it on the school’s TV for everyone to see it. That’s is normal and you deserve that. I hope my enemy gets more men who treat her that way. She needs to learn not to have an attitude to talk back and to stop demanding her boyfriends to take her out on dates when your sugar daddies and guys who just want to fuck are willing to take you to any restaurant you want to and buy you gifts for your dates. Like why must you have strawberry cake donuts? Fucking weirdo. The reason why I have a happy relationship with my girlfriend is because with white women you don’t have to do anything for them. My girlfriend didn’t have to ask to be treated with respect like the way you do. You’re a neygger spikk why would anyone would want to treat you with respect and love? You didn’t even much grew up being love? Everyone hates you!