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It will be very helpful is some of you is brave enough to share this information anonymously. 

Your stories might be used in my YouTube Vlog video. 

I will ask some questions, but your answers don't have to be dry and short, you can share it as a story. Any information will be helpful. 

How old are you?

What age did you start masturbating?

How many times a week/a day do you masturbate? 

Do you feel shame afterwards? Do you feel shame in general about it? 

Do you think you are addicted to porn? If you had a choice to erase all your memory about watching porn, would you do it?

Have masturbating ever affected a relationship with your partner? 

Have you ever had problems to get sexually aroused (getting hard) with a woman because you got desensitized by masturbation? 

Thank you very much for answering.

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