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Maybe he is cheating.... and I want him to be happy with the other girl

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It's hard to call him a cheater but I guess he is. How can someone be so good and caring that he can't see me in a slightest of pain and still rip my soul off by giving the pain of betrayal. He made me capable he made me better in academics and made me a mature woman (maybe). I am so grateful that I had him. But I just found that he is chatting with his ex that woman cheated on him and made him miserable but on the plus side (of her) she is a mature lady and i am still not mature enough (that's what she think). the conversation was about how life has been changed and about me (she actually changed the subject) , her nagging about how much she love him and many more details that i never knew about. when i scrolled up i got to have a sight of them fighting over the past cheating. and at the last line he finally forgave her. She is not at all pretty but a charming person and when they were together their relationship was build from love but He and i got together just because i am pretty and his friends liked me as well so, he asked me out and yes i liked him too. But now she is back. She did wrong with my bf in past and she got her punsihment as she had to suffer same fate with the man she cheated on my bf. (that's what he said) I guess he will be happy with her. She wont hurt him anymore i can sense it from her msgs. and he is again feeling for her, Like i know him way better than she did and i can see him smiling and blushing while texting her secretly. That smile is pretty i love him but that smile is like rare, never seen him so happy. I am sorry for myself but i have to leave him. I cant imagine about the scene of him being with another person but. I will let him go. I am right is'nt it?

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