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Maybe it’s finally time

I truly believe that if I were to die the only living creature that would miss me is my dog. Everyone else would move on, in fact that may be at peace. I’m hardly ever happy... I have nothing that I’ve done that I feel proud of... nor am I a good friend to others.

Whats the point?

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Re: Maybe it’s finally time

I just want to tell you I felt like that once and now I am soo happy and I have 2 children who I WILL NEVER let feel that way you can turn it around! Hang in there it gets better I promise. You would be amazed how much you would be missed! There is so much more out there for you than you believe right now

Not true. We all matter. You matter. It’s chemicals in your mind. I’m 60. Started feeling like you at 7. I thought was no hope but I’ve experienced wonderful things in my life. Bad too of course. But I’m so glad I lived. I have great kids & I’ve done good for others. I’ve laughed. So find a little happiness every day. Watch comedies. Listen to music.

I love you. Do yourself s favor. Read other responses to posts by people feeling like you. Most of come here because we are where you are, or we have been. We want to help you save yourself. You will need to try to help save others one day. There are so many of us. No matter what those chemicals make us think; our lives are worth living. If not why would we all keep trying to save others. I hope you think I’m worth living too. Let’s beat this shit together.

I just prayed for you. God Bless