Maybe it's my fault

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He was my friend, I'll call him Jason. I knew him and his family for a while, we were always friend's... I had deep feelings for him. I'm sure he did to. Whenever hard time's came along he'd always cheer me up, there's even some night's we'd sleep in the same bed and cuddle, but we weren't in a relationship...and I was fine with that, I was happy with the relationship I had with him for the most part. We'd sing together as well... he'd play guitar and I would sing...I recorded some of those moments..we both sounded so good together..but it seems like it just wasn't enough.. he had killed himself..I didn't know he was suffering that bad..and I feel so guilty. I had never knew what was wrong...It seemed like there was nothing wrong...and I hate myself for it. I never confessed my love to him, he was always there for me...but I couldn't be there for him. I should of...I could of. But I wasn't. I talked on his funeral...I confessed my feelings to him infront of everyone. The night of the funeral I stayed in my room.. still not believing he had killed himself. I was mad, ashamed, sad, and guilty, he was only 15...what do I do now.