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I don't want to give my CAT exams, I want to become a filmmaker and live an independent life while exploring my ambitions and travel around like a hippie. I don't want a corporate job, I am creative and I wish to put it into something that values me and makes me happy for more than 15 mins. I want to grow out from my childhood and teenage trauma and all the people who have left me for no reason. I want freedom to make my decisions and follow my path in life to search for true enlightenment and love, without making anybody upset. I want to feel what 20 really feels like, make my own plans and have a life of my own away from all the burden, a place I can truly discover myself and make my art of film-making and photography to its best. I wish my parents would understand that, the way other parents help their children to grow. I don't want to be a loser anymore neither do I want to win, I want to be happy. The way my favourite poets and writers describe their characters in their books. I want to read novels and poems more, without hiding from someone. I wan to make films from all the stories in my head, and show the world there are more stories yet to discover. Finally, if life permits and gives me the freedom I wish for, I would like to meet someone special who searches for the same path as I do.