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i'm not as feminine as girls my age and i feel like i stick out like a sore thumb sometimes. my parents get mad at me during certain occasions when i don't wear a dress, and when i DO wear a dress, people overreact and it makes me uncomfy :( sometimes peers would joke for me to join the boy's team in gym class when the teams were split by gender, and i didn't mind it that much, but sometimes they pushed it a bit too far.

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i get what you mean I actually used to get mistaken for a boy when I was younger. your parents shouldn't make you wear a dress if you don't want to, that's up to you, just do what you wanna do I'm sorry it's hard right now but it'll probably get easier when you're older and have more freedom of choice, i know that isn't very helpful for right now though. i hope you figure it out, and if people don't accept you for you that's really their problem - not yours