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me and my scars

Hi, how does it feel that you always win?

i'm too afraid to go outside with clothes so thin

or wear short shorts because they will see

the scars i hid beneath this fabric covering me.

it wasn't as bad when i was young

kids ignored my scars coz we had fun

But the world is harsh and let me see

that everyone grow to be pretty

they made fun of how i look

disgusting and filthy like rugged book

judging my covers without looking inside

the heart was pure was sit aside

i hid my scars with these fabrics you see

scared to be judged so i let these hoodies hug me

to me it's always winter, i pretend I'm cold

even when the summer breeze is bold

you kept me locked inside so deep

deep in my thoughts where insecurity sleep

i wonder when will you be going

I'm growing old, soon to be dying