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Me or Her?

I have a boyfriend of many years and things aren't going to good in the last months, because of this i started talking with a friend that has been having problems with his girlfriend too, as time passed we found ouself's crushing on each other, we knew it was wrong and try to deny it but we started noticing that we are extremely compatible, a lot of the same likes, hobbies, we get along great and even think very much alike on most things, being with each other is really simple and natural almost like we know each other for years. I know its wrong but i couldn't take it anymore so i kissed him, we both decided to start an affair with each other and its has been incredible, we stayed like this for about 4/5 months till i decided to have a serious conversation with him about the future, i told him i loved him and was prepared to leave my boyfriend for him, he said he loved me too and that he would really like to have a future with me, living together, marry , kids etc.. but that right now his afraid and doesn't have the courage to leave his girlfriend, but that eventually he will leave her.

at this point im really confused, because even tho i love him im not sure if i want to ruin my relationship to be with him and still have to wait god knows how long till he decides to leave her, im also getting the feeling the im the only one trying to push forward with him, he says he wants it too but im not seeing him doing anything about it.

i know this is a real mess... so if any of you guys could try and be objective about it and leave and opinion on what to do i would really appreciate it.

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Re: Me or Her?

If this other guy loved you enough, he would love you enough to let his girlfriend go! Maybe you are pushing him. Don't! You should find your own path! Your boyfriend doesn't wanna fix things with you and this guy bluffs about future with you and don't have the courage to let that girl go, too. That is very unfair to you. Please find your own path. That is my suggestion! Good Luck!

He just want $eX from you. Stay away from him, if he really loves you then he would leave everything, just play with him, ask him are you ok to keep affair with me, if I get marry my bf and you with her. will you be in touch with me, this will show his real mentality with