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Med school rants :(

Hello! I'm currently a freshman medical student and I'm really trying to be connected with my lectures but it's really hard to stay motivated in these trying times. Online classes are so draining especially for an introvert like me experiencing social anxiety. I think I'm dragging my whole system down as I experience panic attacks every now and then. I'm actually writing this because I couldn't focus/concentrate with my studies right now because I worry too much. I have quizzes and presentations tomorrow but I couldn't function well knowing that I have to study loads and loads but in the end still fail the exam because I wasn't able to focus. I think I really really need some help.

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Re: Med school rants :(

Take deep breaths and meditate honey. I know it is not the advice you're looking for but sometimes, u just have to calm yourself in order to focus and to regain consciousness. Anyway, try doing the easy stuff first before doing the rest. This is always efficient to do. Plan and organize.

An effective way for introverts like us to hold a presentation is to keep notes all the time and practice speaking like you are educating yourself. That way, you will know if you are learning or not.

I really hope these made sense.

Dont worry, you can do it, warrior! You have made it this far already!

Ps. Make an objective and follow it :)